by Reservoir

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(free) 03:32
weeks seem steady for once and time rides us when we're alone we're sinking deep in shallow months but what you heard was a different sound and i could drown in the support i lost but today i felt better off sitting here alone and i can’t lie to myself for what it is we came for when we’re both so low our definitions go so far weeks seem steady for once so for the next twelve months we'll walk on separate tracks on the same stones, in the same town it's not often that we fight to let go of yesterday's false hopes that will bury us in separate graves convinced ourselves of luck (perfect worlds apart) and i can’t tell if i’m stuck when nothing is sacred to you how can you act differently? these habits weigh me down so deep i’d feel contention if you cared half as much as me this feels familiar i’ve been laughing about the broken pieces built drawn apart to a stand still weeks and days don’t compromise well now you stand still i’ve been laughing to myself at our best we're distant.
i’ll make myself scarce since i’ve convinced myself that it’s easier that way maybe next time i should just stay gone that way no one would have to ask me where i've been because truth is i don't know where i've been only where i am and the ways that it all got me here tripping over things that i've decided i never meant doesn't really help me mend all the things that i've destroyed along the way all this smoke has got my eyes burning all this talk has got my ears ringing all this nothing has got me mumbling again one day we'll tear open this chest and bask in the light that i've been hiding there one day we'll collect all these bones and build something that stands taller than we ever did i spit bone and crimson i swallow regret and failed aspirations.
the same yellow lines keep me quiet when i’m sleeping silent when i’m speaking. it hurts to drive down alleys we knew so well past memories on dusty shelves this is no way to live i feel it inside when the sun sets down now i’m screaming at myself i’ll just try, i’ll just find the flaws for now i've lost all passion and anger trying to give my hands out i’m let down by a thousand familiar faces dying above ground in broken houses trying to get out and never meaning to give in when i walked by my old house too blind to see old reflections.
(free) 03:37
(lose your ghost and keep your head) a writer drunk on all his thoughts gave me everything i lost so don't become the bitter man that stumbles down the tracks his tired eyes aren't looking back sure those kids, they love the words but they dont live by them the smoke and rhymes are chapters of a fallacy we wrote and gave away a poet emptying her rounds made us think that we were flying but we just got tangled in the lines that night we lost our fucking minds so lose your ghost and keep your head from crashing in the clouds colors descend and reach the ground in basements we all dream and wait for the walls to weaken the smoke and rhymes are chapters of a fallacy we wrote and gave away on bitter nights we search for romance in the eyes that aren't looking back we're not looking back but we can't even reach the tracks


released February 2, 2011


all rights reserved



Reservoir Pennsylvania

100 miles southwest of Philadelphia lies York PA, main exports being business major undergrads, '90's alt-rock also-rans Live, and a general sense of listlessness. Rejecting the premise of their homestead, Reservoir have been churning and building for nearly a decade. ... more

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