Into Endings

by Reservoir

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your best intentions bled out and never followed through i can't tell if they were fake lights that brought me to my home dreams were made when we were alone i can't stand the way you throw yourself in broken arms. nostalgia comes from being lost inside dark nights there were never moments just flashes in time and here i sit on a strangers bed you led me to your house where i slept but never rested. he said too much to only see half the backs and half the faces focused on the exits this time he's pushing over not being pushed on again the endings will collide the dust forms something new old intentions couldn't fake the truth. doubting myself in a time where compassion carried no weight until decisions came then i found out what mattered most to you was me and i pushed you away i pushed you into endings. you were so sure throws himself into bearings destroys himself into endings settling for less than what he threw away never looking for a pulse old intentions turn to regret and we're too young for this this freezing cold. we'll throw away our young and dead ambitions he said too much to only see half the backs and half the faces throws himself into bearings destroys himself into endings. still breathing in dead air in our lungs that i could never throw away we're too young for this
reinvent give away what got you here. exhaustion and broken spirits have the ability to cripple am i running? or have i yet to move? the promise of tomorrow might never be enough pockets of air are where i breathe (half truths give way) pockets of calm are where i rest (these ghosts can’t stay) what is home but a word and a feeling? i’m choking can’t swallow anything i’m breathing but never drawing breath pockets of air are where i breathe (half truths give way) to real intentions pockets of calm are where i rest (these ghosts can’t stay) in the shadows for long holding on will hold you back give away what got you here.
the city walls stand tall for metaphors but they won’t understand a word. and when i’ve got you by the wrists i’m not screaming in your face i’m trying to change your mind i can’t forget that house forget that calm wind that stirred those colors high what comes to mind is the top of a table where i’d write now it buckles and dies shyly underneath a line i swore i wouldn’t take you put me on trial, i’ve casted stones. so now i’ll climb these years alone from somewhere close i watch the colors stack up before they’re choked by darkness and when i stray back to where i drown there will be a whisper scolding me now our faces are folding i’ve lived in fear of all the hands that persuade me when i smile so i’ve learned to reverse it and stir the colors higher but now we buckle and die shyly underneath a lie i swore i wouldn’t tell but i couldn’t help.


released October 21, 2011

recorded and mixed by Kory Gable at Pin Up Productions
mastered by Mark Peteritas at Working Man's Productions


all rights reserved



Reservoir Pennsylvania

100 miles southwest of Philadelphia lies York PA, main exports being business major undergrads, '90's alt-rock also-rans Live, and a general sense of listlessness. Rejecting the premise of their homestead, Reservoir have been churning and building for nearly a decade. ... more

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