I Heard You As I Walked Away

by Reservoir

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If I try and move on you could count on my falling Or doubt settling on less than content evenings And mornings before I... Or doubt settling onto the Things that I've been planning On explaining If I stand beside what seems like one whole Pieces of twos and threes always make me think Of the sleep we miss
I’ve drawn a line through furious circles Eyes obstructed and dry In time red branches grow And they confess The isolation’s a friend but I want to speak to you There’s so much distance I’m blacked out, but on your grid You’re the spotlight on the season I’ll be dying in We found a lonely stage Two hearts that beat through gravel In any part they play You’re not my hero We’re not happy children We don’t need to lie anymore We’re just creases on any face outside Always so sorry about so many things And always tangled In smoke drifting with sin Beneath sheets through palpitations Breathing fiction You’re a strangled compass (the orphan of ) a sigh through empty coasts You showed me quiet discomfort In delicate tones And I’m your bedfellow There’s so much anger How can you hold your grin? Please let me in the basement You’re dying in
Useless nights in driveways that never end Where promises are just remember whens Where’d you learn to collect scars like that? Consequence hangs heavy but never touches ground Fill winter lungs and hold it Talk of migratory birds and the will it takes to leave We talk of lights in tunnels and the view from the ground Everything looks different from these places that we’ve found Autumn, hollow and hungry, changes with you Echo veiled superstitions We’ll ride this swell until we sink like stones With a windswept fear and a deep regret Bony fingers Distractions From how we see ourselves A series of tiny deaths And empty breaths And meaningless moments
Years spent waiting for our lives to show their faces Never quite knowing how to feel our ages All those times we choked on tongues Lost sight of the truth between fingers and thumbs Driving past houses, driving past past lives Moments lost to circumstance years sacrificed to distance All those times we let the current take us Echoing patterns when words escape us Missed connections and empty promises Only remind me of who I should have been If distance is only numbers, then I’m only counting backwards Until I find myself starting over again I’ll try not to think of all the life we miss.
Retreat; she follows the season down the coast Tired evasions, a fractured infant smile, and half her plans in code. A red-branched blank stare But I’m prepared to break your path Every hand that you led beneath your sundress Defied and weakened But I know it’s cold, I will be careful And gone as fast as our hearts are slow I read your body like braille Soon the mistakes become so clear When you stumbled into that simple town And found the only man you truly loved giving up Your father in his favorite chair Now I’m choking meaning into my pseudo friends What you’ve ruined somehow beats you in the end
Surroundings make backgrounds to real emotions Missing spaces go unnoticed seen from sore eyes. Don’t try to resist these months Darker than highways at night. Hide myself in white and black I wont resist it, at least not on purpose Everyone’s sleeping and I’m trying Everything’s loud when you’re trying to sleep So I’ll hope for rain And I’ll leave truths Old rules dont mean what they used to I can only see through glass When I convince my self you’re not around Surroundings make it hard to breathe in I'll exhale when reflections disappear So I’ll hope for sleep


reservoir is Josh Allamon, Andrew Crow, Justin Lutz, and Steven Sensenig.
Additional vocals by Michelle Rehkugler.
Violin & piano by Connor Beatty.
Recorded by Steve Roche at Permanent Hearing Damage in the fall of 2012. www.permanenthearingdamage.com
Mastered by Carl Saff. www.saffmastering.com
Photograph and design by Jordan Swartz. www.thefacelesskid.com
Released on vinyl by Broken World Media, Dead Flowers Records, and Major Bear Records.




released July 23, 2013


all rights reserved



Reservoir Pennsylvania

100 miles southwest of Philadelphia lies York PA, main exports being business major undergrads, '90's alt-rock also-rans Live, and a general sense of listlessness. Rejecting the premise of their homestead, Reservoir have been churning and building for nearly a decade. ... more

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